About Us

Vaimo – Magento Gold Solution Partner

Vaimo helps clients all over the world to achieve eCommerce success on the Magento eCommerce platform.  

Since deciding on Magento as the eCommerce platform for growth in 2008, Vaimo has successfully deployed more than 400 eCommerce solutions. Vaimo has grown its team of dedicated e-commerce specialists in various offices around the world including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, UK, South Africa, Estonia and Ukraine to more than 160 employees.

We have positioned ourselves as one of the leading Magento solution providers and currently we are the only Magento Gold Solution Partner in Scandinavia and South Africa and one of the leading Magento Gold Solution Partners in the UK.

Vaimo helps clients fulfill their eCommerce goals at a fraction of the cost and time compared to proprietary eCommerce solutions. Our clients turn to us for eCommerce based best practices that are as local as their nearest customer and as global as their aspiration. Simply put, eCommerce at its best.


Our story

VAIMO is derived from the Sami word for 'heart'. No other word is better at describing our heritage, our drive and our passion for our assignments.

The Samis are the native people of Scandinavia, whose values are shaped by the extreme conditions of the polar climate. A world filled with enormous challenges and where success is based on speed, skills and the ability to cooperate towards a common goal.

VAIMO is based on these values. Values that have helped us become one of the world’s most appreciated experts on eCommerce. We’ve helped more than 400 companies gain higher revenues and build stronger brands through web shops that attract more visitors and turn them into customers.

VAIMO is based in Scandinavia, but today we’re developing web sites for clients all over the world. With offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, South Africa, Estonia and Ukraine we’re offering a global presence that makes us faster, stronger and gives us the opportunity to work even closer with our clients.

VAIMO is MAGENTO’s first Gold Solution Partner in Scandinavia and Africa. It’s a big honour for us and a clear proof of our continuing success in integrating our clients business into a safe, robust and flexible process that sets them in the forefront of profitability and customer experience.