Nosto is an e-commerce solution provider offering a SaaS solution that transforms online shops from one-size-fits-all offerings to relevant, personalized experiences, updated dynamically and in real-time. By enabling Nosto’s features, Vaimo powered online stores will be able to display personalized product recommendations in real time, enhancing the customers' online shopping experience, automating marketing activities and finally increasing conversion, customer retention and store revenues as a result.

Powering a wide international clientele of both SME stores and international brands, Nosto has increased its clients' conversion rates by an average of 70% and the AOV by over 20% for visitors clicking on Nosto recommendations compared to visitors not clicking on Nosto recommendations.

Highly adaptable and customizable, Nosto comes with over 30 different recommendation types including personalized merchandising, cross-sell and up-sell, best sellers, search, landing page recommendations and many more. It is up to the merchant to decide how prominently Nosto is displayed on the online store.

Personalized recommendations

Nosto tracks visitor behavior across the site enabling merchants to tailor automatic product recommendations based on individual behavioral data. This allows for creating a unique shopping experience for every individual visitor. Nosto displays products visitors considered but did not end up purchasing during their previous visit to the store, inspiring visitors to continue their shopping and increasing conversion. Nosto also displays what other customers have viewed, searched for and bought to increase additional sales. The entire process is automated, saving significant time over manual recommendations.

Triggered Emails

Nosto enables automated emails to be sent to customers, recommending highly relevant products such as products they previously abandoned in their cart, products they’ve browsed but not purchased or e.g. products related to purchases recently made. Nosto also reaches customers who haven’t visited the store in a while by sending out “We Miss You” emails containing highly relevant product recommendations based on previous behavior.  

Analysis and Optimization Tools

Nosto provides in-depth analysis and report tools to help you keep track of your KPIs and improve your business goals. This includes a real-time dashboard view of what visitors are currently doing in your store. 

”Nosto is a must have for any merchant who wants to successfully compete in the current e-commerce market.” - Monty Widenius, creator and original developer of MySQL and partner at Open Ocean Capital


To implement Nosto in your Vaimo powered online store, please contact us and we will help you together with Nosto to turn your online store into a very personalised shopping site.

Nosto has put together an infographic of 12 action points that won't take you more than an hour to implement, but will increase your online sales during the holidays significantly. Click here to read the infographic.

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